Welcome to the best cash leveraging opportunity of the century!

A once-off $5 (about R35) will give you an awesome income or cash flow to benefit further from the parent company QL Xchange or any other project, opportunity or further investment.

Download the PDF Info Sheet HERE.

The purpose of this page is mainly to collate the information you require to make an informed decision to change the rest of your life and to pre-register your position by completing your details below so that I can contact you as soon as this amazing opportunity goes live.  You can generate a list of eager prospects manually or by sending out emails or any why you deem fit, just get them lined up to profit once this gets going.  The launch is imminent and will happen within the next few days.

The opportunity

Good, so let's start with the information:

You can visit the company website at - you can lock in your position at:  You can register for free and upgrade to receive the first eBook by paying $5 (about R35) - this will be the only payment from your own pocket!  The QL Xchange parent website is also being finalized and can be visited at  One X is the marketing arm to generate funds that you can if you want to use to benefit further in the QL Xchange opportunity or any other opportunity you want to.  Please just keep some funds to upgrade to the next tiers within One X so that you can generate the full income, introduce others to double your income on each introduction and set your One X options once you have access to your Back Office to automatically upgrade using some of your funds as it is generated by you moving to the next tiers.

I will set out the steps to follow later, but firstly view this video to understand the opportunity:

You can then also download the PowerPoint Presentation that you can send out if you like.

I guess you, like me, have now decided to "risk" a once-off $5 (R35), then you are ready for the next step.  There is a $1 processing fee if you use a SolidPay Trust (STP) account that you can set up at no cost and use to pay or get paid or you can use your credit card for which there is a $3 processing fee.

You can use this xChanger facility to transfer funds from one online payment processor such as AlertPay or Liberty Reserve to STP:


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